• Children under 5 years old need to learn what traffic is, that it can be dangerous, and simple ways of keeping safe, like holding hands
  • One of the best ways for children to be safer is for adults to set a good example when using the roads, on foot or in the car
  • The road environment is essential for children’s freedom, development and fitness but roads need to be treated with respect
  • Primary school age is the best time for children to learn about using the roads safely, ready for more independent travel when they go up to secondary school
  • Most children under 9 years old are unable to judge how fast vehicles are going or how far away they are
  • The risk of children being involved in a road accident rises when they start secondary school
  • The largest number of pedestrians who are hurt on the roads are between 11 and 15 years of age
  • ">Secondary school children are likely to take greater risks without thinking about the potential consequences. Teenagers need to be taught how to assess these risks and make informed choices when using the road environment
  • ">Children are more likely to die in a road collision than from any other accidental cause – but let’s not focus on the negative – you can help!
  • ">In 2011 nearly 20% of all car occupants killed or seriously injured were 17-24 years old - when they start driving lessons a good road safety understanding will be invaluable


We are developing guidance for potential sponsors for srsCULTUREforSchools.

Not all schools will be able to afford to join srsCULTURE or to purchase the Curriculum Bundles. Alternatively, they may have to delay joining until funding is available in a future financial year, wasting valuable time in addressing an urgent need.

We felt that it would be a fabulous idea, if, for example, parents or grandparents could sponsor their childrens’ school to leave a legacy of permanent road safety education. Furthermore, commercial businesses could undertake to sponsor schools in their area as part of their commitment to corporate community responsibility.

Initially we envisage three categories, the srs personal sponsor, the srs corporate sponsor and the srs local authority sponsor. But other groups may develop. Please click here to tell us if you have any ideas!

We are pleased to have had help and support from Keith McPherson of McPhersons Accountants, Guildford, who wishes to sponsor his grandchildrens’ school and Paul Hemmingway of Cascades Hotels Ltd has sponsored his child’s nursery.

Keith and Paul have kindly offered to help us hone our “srsGuidanceforSponsors”, based upon the experiences they encounter, when endeavouring to promote the concept to Head Teachers for example.

Please click on the links below to download further details.

srsCULTURE Synopsis.pdf
What is srsCULTURE.pdf
srsCULTURE Join Us.pdf