• Children under 5 years old need to learn what traffic is, that it can be dangerous, and simple ways of keeping safe, like holding hands
  • One of the best ways for children to be safer is for adults to set a good example when using the roads, on foot or in the car
  • The road environment is essential for children’s freedom, development and fitness but roads need to be treated with respect
  • Primary school age is the best time for children to learn about using the roads safely, ready for more independent travel when they go up to secondary school
  • Most children under 9 years old are unable to judge how fast vehicles are going or how far away they are
  • The risk of children being involved in a road accident rises when they start secondary school
  • The largest number of pedestrians who are hurt on the roads are between 11 and 15 years of age
  • ">Secondary school children are likely to take greater risks without thinking about the potential consequences. Teenagers need to be taught how to assess these risks and make informed choices when using the road environment
  • ">Children are more likely to die in a road collision than from any other accidental cause – but let’s not focus on the negative – you can help!
  • ">In 2011 nearly 20% of all car occupants killed or seriously injured were 17-24 years old - when they start driving lessons a good road safety understanding will be invaluable

What You Get

Within the secure members’ area you will have access to the various sections that make up srsCULTURE. These include your membership and curriculum bundles, your development plan and your certificate, and your personal record of how you are progressing.

You will also be able to set up a profile for your establishment, and to detail all of your staff who are involved in your road safety programme. Further, you will be advised of updates as and when they happen and gain access to new documents and policies as soon as they go live. Below you will find a more detailed breakdown of what you can find within all of these sections.


Your Membership Bundle is a set of documents that provides you with a membership certificate, strategic framework for road safety, a road safety Activities Pack for ‘Learning through Play’ and Road Risk Guidance, particularly useful if any of your staff drive on behalf of the group, to ensure compliance with current legislation.

Primary, Secondary (and Middle Schools)

Membership Bundle

Your Membership Bundle is a set of documents that provide you with a strategic framework for road safety, tailored specifically for your school. It is highly “customisable” and will consist of:

  • An srsCULTURE Membership Certificate
  • Instructions - to help you create your strategic framework
  • A Road Safety Policy – We provide a partially constructed version, which includes a rationale, policy statement and current safe practices documents, that enable you to easily create a bespoke Road Safety Policy tailored specifically for your school
  • A Road Safety Development Plan – Generated from our online questionnaire, this will provide you with objectives and tasks to progress road safety in your school. All you will have to do is prioritise the objectives according to your schools specific needs and allocate staff and budget, monitoring and evaluation accordingly. This SMART tool can then be attached to your own School Development Plan and used to demonstrate progress to parents, governors, inspectors, sponsors etc.
  • Access to purchase Curriculum Bundles for Reception to Year 11- these include lesson plans, comprehensive teacher guidance notes, links to other areas of the curriculum and guidance on road safety best practice for lesson delivery; also access to purchase modules from a Suite of Tutorials for 6th form and Further Education Establishments
  • Road Risk Policy – This is for your staff and gives guidance on Managing Road Risk in Schools, minibus use, checking drivers’ licenses and how to deal with an accident
  • Newsletters and Updates – These will keep you abreast of road safety issues and links to other useful websites

Curriculum Bundles

The Curriculum Bundles have been created specifically for each year group – from reception class through to Year 11. They contain lesson plans and activities along with comprehensive guidance notes for teachers, support resources and links to other areas of the curriculum where relevant (such as literacy, numeracy, key skills). In a structured curriculum, the content has not only been designed to be relevant to the current stage of the pupils, but also to build a solid foundation of road safety skills and knowledge and an understanding of the road environment that will be invaluable to them as independent travellers and future drivers.

  • A contents list
  • An overview of the lessons
  • Lesson Plans – Depending on the year, lesson plans consist of whole-class, group and individual tasks, designed to meet the road safety objectives of the specified age group. They also provide ideas for follow-up work and identify any resources required. They should be used closely in conjunction with the Teacher Guidance Notes.
  • Teacher Guidance Notes – These define the learning outcomes and give in-depth guidance to complement the associated Lesson Plan. (Designed to give road safety best practice guidance on lesson delivery and an understanding of the road safety messages behind the activities, not notes on how to teach!).
  • A document on Areas of Child Development - This covers how aspects of a child's physical and mental development affect their ability to manage in the road environment. (Primary only)
  • Sample letter to parents – A way of including parents in the scheme this will take road safety home, enabling reinforcement of the messages that have been covered. (Primary only)
  • Documents linking road safety to other curriculum subjects - in particular literacy and numeracy (Primary only)
  • Important information about the Green Cross Code – Best practice road safety guidance on teaching the code (Primary only)
  • The Green Cross Code (Primary only)
  • Notes

6th Forms and Further Education Establishments

Your Membership Bundle will provide you with the same documentation as with Primary and Secondary Schools (see above) but instead of Curriculum Bundles you will have access to purchase modules from a Suite of Tutorials, complete with comprehensive tutor guidance.

Regular Updates

The school curriculum and all the policies surrounding road safety are frequently changing and as such, we ensure that our Membership and Curriculum Bundles always comply with the current legislation and train of thought. This means that the documentation within these bundles is constantly being updated. To ensure that you are aware of these changes as and when they happen, we have an 'Updates' section that will provide details of what the update is and what it means for your establishment. Needless to say, any documents that you have already purchased would be automatically updated so that when you are working within the Members’ Area, you can rest assured that you have the very latest information at your fingertips.

Development Plan

The key driver within your membership of srsCULTURE is your own personal development plan.

Not every school is the same, of course, so you can build your very own srsDevelopment Plan within the Members’ Area. The first stage in the process is to answer the online questionnaire by clicking on the Development Plan button from the dashboard. This generates a list of the areas in which you may need to take action. Continuing will lead to a report on your objectives and suggested tasks that will make up your srsDevelopment Plan. Ultimately your establishment’s personal srsDevelopment Plan will have been created, - a working document that can be edited online, saved and/or printed off for your school to use.

Finally, when you join, you can create your own CERTIFICATE for printing off and proudly displaying.Join us now, to benefit the children in your school and to help us make a real quantifiable difference in the world of road safety. CLICK HERE

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